Export Controls

This section highlights key issues related to export controls. The Office of the Vice President for Research provides Export Controls guidance, including detailed information, contacts, and training opportunities.

Export controls are federal government regulations that restrict  certain commodities, information, technologies, software and services that can be transmitted overseas to individuals, including U.S. citizens, or made available by a “deemed export,” which is a release of controlled technology or software source code  to foreign nationals on U.S. soil. These regulations can apply to:

  • faculty, staff, and student activities and research in the US and abroad;
  • international travel or shipments;
  • collaborations with certain countries, entities, and individuals subject to US sanctions.

Check before Initiating Your Project or Traveling Abroad

Following steps are suggested for faculty, staff and students before initiating project or traveling abroad:

  • Check Office of the Vice President for Research’s Export Controls webpage as well as GW's Export Control Policy (PDF).
  • Raise any questions or request a review, including by using the Export Control Review Questionnaire and checking with Export Controls for assistance in determining whether a particular research project or contemplated activity may involve controlled technology or if it might qualify for an exemption.
  • Faculty, Staff and Students travelling abroad who may have any equipment, technology, computers or personal devices with information, data or technology subject to export controls should first contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-4948 or email [email protected] for information and support. Please include the country of destination, any specific requirements in terms of application or systems access and the purpose of the visit.
  • In rare cases, a license may be required where an educational activity/research project will involve the receipt and/or use of technical data that is controlled under U.S. export control laws. In such cases, please confer with Export Controls.
  • Contact Export Controls for group or individual training.  Sessions are offered on a monthly basis or by arrangement.