Financial Operations

Financial Operations includes management and oversight of Accounts Payable, Student Accounts, the Business Management and Analysis Group, Treasury Management, Risk Management, and the Systems Analytics & Insights Group.  

Accounts Payable Services is responsible for processing university payments to internal and external customers. They establish processes and procedures to ensure the university meets its payment obligations in a timely fashion. They provide guidance and support for internal customers throughout the invoice and payment processing cycle. They also partner with the Procurement, Supplier Maintenance and the Tax departments to ensure the transactions are compliant with the university’s policies and other regulations.

The Student Accounts Office is committed to providing excellent service to students throughout their educational experience at the George Washington University. On our website you can find detailed information about your bill, learn about the variety of payment options, review tuition rates, or request an itemized statement for employer reimbursement.

The Business Management and Analysis Group (BMAG) functions as an internal management consulting group comprised of professionals with experience in the academic, financial, and project management professions. It supports GW departments by providing business continuity and process improvement services, financial and accounting analysis, and new service development. 

Treasury Management is responsible for the management of the university’s financial resources. This includes investment of cash and the administration of debt to ensure resources are available to meet the operating and capital needs of the university as well as management of the relationship with the outsourced investment manager.

Risk Management and Insurance provides the expertise necessary to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment where bodily injury and property damage risk are prevented or controlled and the potential liability from loss is adequately financed. Their work includes identification and analysis of key risk exposures, recommendation of insurance coverage, and managing incident reporting.

The Systems, Analytics and Insights Group (SAIG) is the newest department to join the Finance Division. Started in 2012, this group is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the financial and operational systems on which employees and customers of the Finance Division depend. SAIG brings together multiple business processes and transactional systems to create a new organizational competency centered around leveraging information for decision making using Business Intelligence and other Advanced Analytical capabilities.

Finance Departments

GW's Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office is committed to providing excellent service to students throughout their educational experience at the George Washington University.

GW's Internal Management Consulting Group

Providing implementation, financial analysis, process improvement and business continuity services

GW's Procurement & Travel Services

Acquiring Goods, Services and Travel to support the university's missions.  2014 winner of the National Procurement Institute's Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award.

GW's Treasury Management

Managing the university’s financial resources

GW's Tax Department

Ensuring tax compliance and protecting GW’s tax-exempt status

Benefits for GW Employees

Managing GW's health, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, retirement and tuition programs

GW's Payroll Services

Providing timely and accurate services for GW employees

GW's Accountants & Financial Reporters

Bringing together accounting, grants and contracts, fixed assets, and financial reporting

Finance's Newest Department

Utilizing technology and data to provide helpful analysis and insights

GW's Risk Managers

Managing risk associated with teaching, research and support operations

GW's Accounts Payable

Providing centralized invoice and payment processing