Mission & Vision

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The Finance Division provides timely and accurate financial information to key stakeholders while protecting university assets, both real and intangible, and ensuring university compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws from a financial and fiduciary vantage point. Serving as an indispensable partner on topics requiring economic, financial and fiduciary inputs and expertise, the Finance Division manages Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Treasury, Procurement & Travel Services, Risk Management, Grants and Contracts, Student Accounts, Accounts Payable, the Systems, Analytics & Insights Group, and its external audit partners.


"To excel in providing accurate and timely data, demonstrate integrity in relationships, and foster a keen focus on providing insight to our customers"

In order to achieve this vision, the Finance Division must support all university units to ensure the activities proposed and resources requested reflect sound business judgment and support the overall goals and mission of the university. The Finance staff work closely with all areas of the university to carry out its core mission.

Finance Departments

GW's Accountants & Financial Reporters

Bringing together accounting, grants and contracts, fixed assets, and financial reporting

GW's Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office is committed to providing excellent service to students throughout their educational experience at the George Washington University.

GW's Procurement & Travel Services

Acquiring Goods, Services and Travel to support the university's missions.  2014 winner of the National Procurement Institute's Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award.

GW's Treasury Management

Managing the university’s financial resources

GW's Tax Department

Ensuring tax compliance and protecting GW’s tax-exempt status

Systems Analytics & Insights Group

Utilizing technology and data to provide helpful analysis and insights

GW's Accounts Payable

Providing centralized invoice and payment processing

GW's Risk Managers

Managing risk associated with teaching, research and support operations