The George Washington University’s P-Card can be used to make small-dollar purchases necessary to conduct university business even when you are in foreign countries. For general P-Card information, benefits, responsibilities, forms, and training, please visit the P-Card Program. You can also reach the Program by calling 571-553-4267 or by emailing [email protected].

In addition, you may find other sections of Global Operations such as Currency Exchange Rate very helpful.

Allowable and Unallowable P-Card Usage

The appendices A and B of the Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF) include lists of specific examples of common allowable and unallowable travel expenses.

Travel Benefits

P-Card should be used to make university related travel reservations through iBuy+ Travel. In addition, other P-Card benefits include cash advances, traveler accident insurance, lost luggage benefit, and rental insurance coverage.

The EMV chip on the PNC Visa cards offer more services to the cardholder when traveling overseas.

Cash Needs

All GW employees traveling for official university business are eligible for advances of up to $100 per day up to a maximum of $500 per week for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. The preferred method for obtaining travel advances is via an ATM withdrawal using the GW employee’s P-Card.

ATM advances may not be taken more than three (3) days before the expected travel or expense. GW employees on official university overseas travel must obtain cash advances at ATMs which dispense in local currency at an advantageous exchange rate. Alternatively, GW employees may request travel advances in the form of a direct deposit or paper check (depending upon their payroll setup) issued by AP within two (2) weeks of travel dates. Allow at least five (5) business days for check preparation. Only one (1) outstanding advance is permitted at any time absent prior written approval from the appropriate vice president. All requests for cash advances paid through AP must be submitted using the GW iBuy + Expense Reporting system.

All travel advances obtained through AP or on a P-Card must be accounted for or reconciled within thirty (30) days after the GW employee returns from traveling. GW employees must use the GW iBuy + Expense Reporting system for this purpose. Any unused cash advances must be repaid within thirty (30) days after the GW employee returns from traveling. Failure to account for a travel advance in a timely manner may result in the advance being added to the GW employee’s taxable income and reported on the W-2 in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.