Conducting business transactions in foreign countries or with foreign entities creates unique challenges to ensure suppliers are paid properly. Different forms to complete, payment methods, and payment terms may be required to maintain compliance with all local, national, and international laws. 

It is important that you complete international vendor registration before the purchases of goods and services. The George Washington University (GW) and Finance Division have guidance for the process of registering your vendor.

Please also review Payment & Banking for details regarding facilitating international payments.

More information can be found on New Supplier Registration. If your vendor’s have questions, refer them to [email protected] or 571-553-0300.

International Transactions

Competition requirements for international purchases are the same as for domestic purchases and information on roles and responsibilities based on dollar amounts can be found in the Procurement Dollar Threshold Matrix. Purchase orders are not required for international purchases if payments are being made in currencies other than U.S. dollars (USD). Purchase orders should be issued when the contract/agreement has called for payments to be made in USD.  

Procurement and Travel Services is available to assist you with solicitation of bids/quotes, as well as review of international agreements/contracts with the appropriate department(s).  Please contact Procurement at 202-994-2500.