To ensure your expense can be reimbursed successfully, you should review Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF), Accounts Payable Services’ webpage on Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement, and iBuy+ Expense Reporting page carefully before incurring travel expenses. In addition, you should be aware of additional or more restrictive requirements for authorizing or approving travel, entertainment, or business expense reimbursements by your department or school or project, if you are conducting research.

This section briefly highlights some specific policies on reimbursement related to international operations that you should keep in mind. But be sure to review resources mentioned above and direct any question or concern to your supervisor and/or Accounts Payable Services as appropriate in advance of incurring the expense. You should also consult with Office of the Vice President for Research if you are conducting research under a sponsored project.

Reimbursement Coverage

The George Washington University (GW) will incur or reimburse expenses that are: 1) actual, reasonable and necessary; 2) appropriate for a university business purpose; 3) documented, approved and submitted properly; and 4) consistent with the university’s business objectives. Detailed coverage can be found in Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF).

Any exceptions to this policy should be approved in advance by the appropriate vice president or dean and attached to the expense report when requesting reimbursement. Any unallowable or excess expenses and/or travel advances are the responsibility of the GW employee, and must be repaid promptly if initially paid from university funds.

Record Expenses

The Procurement Card (P-Card) is the preferred method for payment of travel expenses for GW employees.

Expense should be recorded in the receipt currency. No manual conversion should occur. iBuy+ will perform the conversion based on the expense’s transaction date. Reimbursement to the employee will occur in U.S. dollar (USD).

Tips on Tracking Expenses

The following tips are offered to aid you in tracking and according for your expenses while traveling in international locations. Having the details are especially helpful when accounting for a cash advance accurately and adequately.

  • In the infrequent occasions, in which receipts are not provided, retain a record of the information related to the expense. This written record should include the purchase details, including the name of the merchant, date of purchase and what was purchased. The Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval Form should be completed using this information. Submit the completed and approved form in lieu of a receipt.
  • For any receipt which does not provide complete information, such as the merchant’s name, simply record the information in a blank area on the receipt. Any handwritten notes, however, should not obstruct other information or impair the receipt’s legibility or readability.
  • Having all receipts and/or the information readily available will aid the expense reporting process. Using this practice, the information, such as the merchant name, date of the expense, actual expense amount and other information, required for an expense report’s completion will be accessible. The practice will also promote compliance to the policy.
  • Whenever possible an attempt should be made to secure a receipt in the English language. In instances where this is not possible, the purchase of any alcoholic beverage should be highlighted on the receipt (preferably by indication of an asterisk next to the item) and the expense for the alcoholic beverage purchase must be allocated to expense type 52611 in accordance with policy.

Reimburse Expenses

The iBuy+ Expenses Reporting system is used to report P-card transactions and to reimburse GW employees for business related expenses, such as meals and travel costs.

The iBuy+ system is only available to reimburse GW employees. Reimbursements for those who are not employees, including students, should follow the process for Payments for Goods and Services and detailed steps can be found in Paying Vendors & Suppliers section.